A love of baking provided the inspiration... The sinking economy provided the motivation...

Lexyne's love of baking began during childhood. She fondly remembers preparing sweet potato pies with her mother in the kitchen during the holidays and being fascinated by the sweet creations that emerged from the oven. Those days, along with strong baking genes from her maternal great-grandmother and paternal grandmother, helped to develop a love that has endured to this day. Additionally, her dream of owning a business propelled Lexyne to take action and become an entrepreneur. 

But, who starts a business during the worst economic period since The Great Depression?! SHE DOES! 

Yes, the economic period during the Summer of 2010 was not desirable. However, Lexyne was determined to step out on faith and put her love of baking to the test. As a result, the Savor Baking Company was born. 

The company offers a wide variety of cakes, cookies, and other treats for your sweet tooth. Each creation is made with the intent to showcase quality, provide food to savor your palate, and indulge in simple pleasures. But, most importantly of all, each creation is made to give you a little taste of HOME.